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An English language course can be done in many different ways

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English Language Course

The ability to read, write and speak English will give you a major advantage in many situations. By taking an English language course in the UK you will be learning and living in the language much of the time; you’ll be able to use your English daily.
An English course consists of all the skills needed to use English effectively.

You can study English in many different ways for many different reasons

Below is a small example of how an English language course may be done:

General English

 Understand English for life; appropriate for all levels of English language ability.

Holiday English language course for adults

Learn English while on holiday and discover more about the country.

Holiday English courses for young learners

Learn English while on holiday and discover more about the country, while socialising, doing activities and day trips

One-to-one tuition

Private, individual tuition; only one tutor and one learner

English for business/executives

An English course which is essential for international businesses to help improve their company performance

Examination preparation

Take an English language course resulting in a certification that is acknowledged globally. Understand evaluation techniques and tips for success.

Home tuition

One-to-one training in the tutors own house.

English language course Plus

Short or lengthy programs where you can enhance your English and look a practical or academic topic such as photography, health, art or acountancy.

Courses for English teachers

Short English languages courses resulting in qualifications; from postgrad certification to doctoral stages.

Foundation and access courses

A mixture of academic English with study abilities

Places to do an English language course in the UK

There are approved organisations throughout the UK, so you can decide which format best matches your needs.

Private English language course school

Full-time, and part-time English language course for all stages - lengthy and short in duration.

Independent educational institutions and colleges

You can practice a range of topics at these educational institutions and institutions, and all your actions will include using British.

Further education

Full-time, and part-time training courses, from newbies upwards. They also offer career-based training and academic courses in courses where many learners speak English as their first language.

Higher education

Full-time and part-time is available. Your English would need to be at higher level, or better. 

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