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Thinking about doing a course but can't afford it? Just wait until Cheap Courses launches and you'll be amazed at how cheap you can start learning something new.


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We don't want to put too many obstacles between you are you dream course. We've made the booking process secure and easy. Pick a cheap course, buy it, pay online (or give us a call!). Done.

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The best course deals in the UK. Simple. Every day there will be a deal to suit everyones pocket and career. They are not 'cheap' courses in terms of quality. Just amazing value for money to help you get learning with minimal costs.
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At least 40% discounts
  • IT courses, Computing and Design
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Job Prospects
  • Unemployement in UK is 7.7% (2.45 million people)
  • People on job seekers allowance highest since 1996
  • In first quarter 2011, 16,000 MORE people were made redundant than previous quarter
  • Boost your confidence and chances of promotion by taking extra training courses
  • The job market is competitive and you will have the edge with specific training for your industry

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I was fortunate to be part of the trials and got an amazing course at over 60% off. Don't know how they do it, but I'm glad this site is around.By: Jessica Crew
The site is easy to use and the buying process was really simple. Great quality, but cheap course that saved me loads of money.By: Moses Rishad
Can't wait the the full site to launch, because I've already done one course through and I'm want to do the next level. Keep up the good work and I'm sure this site will take off!By: David Nevel

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